How to Design the Perfect Label (Infographic)

Most brands rely heavily on external advertising and marketing campaigns (e.g. TV ads, billboards, online advertising, etc.) to create consumer demand for their product(s). However, according to one study, the final decision on which brand to purchase is made inside the store by 28% of consumers.

In fact, it’s always been widely estimated that as many as 70% of shoppers make their final buying decisions in store.

It’s, therefore, extremely important for brands to consider the way they’re being perceived in store. While there are a number of in store conditions that have the ability to influence purchasing decisions, it’s arguable that the most important condition—and the only one brands have complete control over—is product packaging and labelling.

When a consumer is presented with a shelf full of similar products—tinned beans, for example—the product label will significantly influence their final their buying decision.

But here’s the thing: the same product label doesn’t appeal to everyone; different labels will appeal to different types of consumers and thus, buying habits will vary between consumers.

So, the question is: how do you convince consumers to purchase your product over that of the competition? Here’s how:

Create customer personas (based on ideal customer attributes)—you should carefully consider a variety of attributes such as: age; gender; education level; values; income; etc.

Research the competition—half of the battle is standing out from the competition, so you should research the competition carefully to ensure that you’re not using the same typography, colour scheme, imagery, etc. as they do on your product labels.

Pick your label material—the best material for your label will depend on the product itself, so make sure to choose wisely (we offer labels made from a variety of materials here at FastLabels - see here)

Arrange your information—define everything your label will include and create a hierarchical design structure (we explain more about this in the infographic!)

Design your product label—decide upon your colour scheme, typography, etc. and get designing a label.

Want to see a full guide to this process? Take a look at the infographic below. It shows how to design the perfect label for any product, from start-to-finish.


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