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When we say our labels are customised, we really mean it! You can choose from a bespoke range of finishes and shapes, enter your own size measurements and upload your own artwork (or get an expert design from us if you don't have your own yet). This means your personalised labels will have the right look, the right design and the perfect size.

You can also choose from many materials and finishes. There’s polypropylene, which is waterproof and safe for outside packaging. There’s also paper, which is more cost-effective and fully food-safe. This is combined with finishes including gloss, matt, clear, metallic and more. 

Your custom labels will then be printed using our class-leading Xeikon printers for razor sharp detail and rich colour so they impress in any situation. You’ll also receive rapid turnaround and free next-day UK delivery after dispatch. Finally, you’ll get a full re-print or refund guarantee for your peace of mind - along with some of the UK’s best prices!

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Square Labels
Square labels are ideal for artworks of the same height and width to suit any labelling needs.

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Rectangle Labels
Rectangle labels can be printed to a custom size giving versatility for a range of uses.

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Circle Labels
Circle is a popular shape which provides an appealing frame for layouts of the same height and width.

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Oval Labels
Oval labels give you a tailored, rounder layout to fit perfectly onto your product.

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Waterproof Labels
With fully waterproof ink and materials, these labels are ideal for resisting most types of liquid contact

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Roll Labels
Labels of all kinds supplied on rolls. Ideal for larger quantities, bigger sizes, and label applicators.

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Vinyl labels
Waterproof, rip resistant and durable. A popular label material for a wide range of uses.

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Gloss Labels
Labels with a shiny gloss finish. Makes colours brighter. Well suited to most products and design styles.

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Polypropylene labels
Polypropylene is the most modern and popular choice for durable, tear-resistant and waterproof labels.

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Paper labels
Paper is the cheaper and more eco-friendly option for personalised labels if you prefer not to use plastic.

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Matt Labels
Labels with a non-shiny matt finish. Suits darker artwork well, and creates a mild pastel effect with colours.

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Clear Labels
Printed on transparent material for a see-though effect. Great for products with transparent containers.

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Metallic Labels
Labels with a shiny metal effect, with technology to allow multi-colour metallic alongside gold and silver.

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Labels on sheets
Custom labels of all types supplied on sheets, including A4. We can make multi-sticker sheets too.

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    What are custom labels?

    Custom labels are basically anything other than a blank label. Through a mixture of specifications and a bespoke design, each label will be personalised when printed to suit your preferences and needs. With FastLabels, you’ll have labels which tick every box when it comes to size, design and finish, and in any way you like.

    After all, if you want a truly professional look which rivals the biggest brands, then pre-set templates just won’t be up to the job.

    Example of a custom label

    Our custom printed labels come in 4 standard shapes:

    • Circle – Perfect for button-style stickers, or rounded labels on products
    • Square – A versatile shape to suit almost any application
    • Rectangle – Tall and thin, short and wide, or somewhere in the middle - it’s up to you
    • Oval – A rounded label of a different width and height combination.

    Need a unique shape or size?

    If you need something different, we offer die-cut labels, where they can be custom made to almost any shape you can imagine. Plus, you can choose your own completely unique measurements, right down to the millimetre. Simply enter the height and width and then we’ll do the rest.

    What about finishes?

    Once you’ve selected the basics, you can personalise them further with a range of finishes, including gloss, matt, metallic and more.

    How can the labels be used?

    With our personalised labels, there’s really no limit. Not only can you tailor them to your exact requirements with custom sizes and finishes, but you can also choose from materials such as polypropylene, which is waterproof, UV resistant and perfect on packaging of any type. There’s also paper, which is food-safe for direct contact on food items and also a little more budget-friendly. 

    Plus, our high resolution Xeikon printers ensure world-class print quality fit for any brand – from budget to luxury - and all for some of the UK’s lowest prices.

    To get an instant online price, simply choose from the options above or use our calculator for a quick price where you can also order online.

    How to make personalised labels and stickers

    When it comes to customising your label there are six important factors to consider:

    Custom labels being made

    Choosing a shape

    We technically offer infinite shapes! There’s square, circle, rectangle and oval, but also custom cuts where we contour the cut around your artwork.

    Typically if you already have the design in mind, you’ll know which shape suits it best, but sometimes it just comes down to personal preference. A layout with the same width and height, for example, could work equally well as a square or circle label.

    How to decide on the size

    Usually there’s only one specific size that works best for custom labels, especially for the likes of product labels where it either fits or it doesn’t!

    We always advise getting out a ruler/tape measure to get it right. And as we offer completely bespoke measurements, you can be very specific for a perfect fit and more professional result.

    If you have more flexibility, it can be helpful to get some paper and cut out the desired size so you can see it in person. You can also just mark it out on a ruler. Alternatively, we have some of the most popular pre-set sizes available on our order calculator if you’d like to choose one of those instead.

    The material for your custom labels

    Materials can consist of normal and specialist types. If you just want your design printed on a white background, there’s the choice of paper (cheaper), or polypropylene (liquid resistant and more durable). The best choice there depends on your budget and requirements. For example, you don’t want your label staining if it’s likely to come into contact with liquids.

    Specialist label materials include:

    • Metallic - a shiny multi-colour metal effect
    • Textured paper – Can look more luxurious, hand-made, or even a bit more rustic depending on the brand style you're going for
    • Clear – Printed on transparent material so there’s a see-through background (great for transparent surfaces).

    Not sure which one? Grab a free sample pack first.

    Finish (and how it influences colour)

    Customising the finish of a label is where your decision starts to influence how your design is perceived. This is because different finishes actually slightly change the colours when printed.

    Take traditional gloss and matt. Because gloss is more shiny and reflective, it brightens printed colours. With matt on the other hand, the silky, non-reflective finish makes colours look more subdued.

    It’s physics!

    Gloss is a very popular and safe choice for most types of palettes, while matt can work well for darker colours. Think of black, for example. This can be shiny and reflective (like a black piece of plastic), or silky and non-reflective (more like black leather). This gives you an idea of how the same colour can come across in different ways depending on your preference and brand style.

    The choice plays into brighter tones too. Some customers want their colours to be vibrant, where gloss works best. But matt can also work well if you prefer the result to be slightly more pastel-like.

    Example of a label finish

    Which supply format suits your needs?

    How you customise your labels for supply can be very important. If you’re just applying them by hand, then you can have labels on rolls or on sheets depending on your preference and methods.

    Size plays a role too. Small labels and stickers can work well for sheets because you can fit a lot of them on each A4 sheet. With bigger labels though, you might only get 1-4 per sheet, which makes them more cumbersome to use. Keep this in mind when choosing.

    Finally, if you’re using a mechanical label applicator (manual or automatic), the vast majority of these use rolls only. Check out our labels on rolls for more information about this, including advanced settings to make sure the rolls are set up correctly for the applicator being used.

    The design of your label

    Finally there’s the all-important design. If you haven’t finalised this yet for your custom stickers or labels, here are some key points:

    • Think about the brand you want to portray and how this may influence fonts, colours and styles
    • Ensure that text is large enough to be readable. Keep in mind the difference between a larger example you may see on screen, and the final size of the custom label when printed
    • Use high-resolution images and logos for a better print result
    • If there are barcodes or QR codes, ensure they are high quality and large enough to be easily scanned
    • Keep in mind the surface the labels will be applied on, and how that might influence the overall look of your item or product when paired with the label
    • A popular strategy to follow for custom product labels is a more spacious front, with an emphasis on visuals and a small amount of descriptive/selling text, followed by denser information the back with all key information to help the customer decide whether to buy. Instructions and usage tips can help a lot too!

    Need more help? 

    If you decide to choose us to create your custom labels, we have an-house design service at your disposal which you can select during checkout. And with our artwork check guarantee, we’ll manually inspect your artwork before printing and let you know if there are any issues before we start. For anything else, please do get in touch

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