10 Phrases That Will Ruin a Graphic Designers Day

Being a graphic designer is far from easy.

Not only do you have to actually train to become a graphic designer (which can take years, by the way), there’s also the added task of carving out a niche for yourself and ultimately, managing to attract enough clients, on a regular enough basis, to make a comfortable living.

Oh, and if you’re self-employed (which most graphic designers are), you’ll also have to make time for the many general day-to-day administrative tasks, such as bookkeeping and invoicing.


If this wasn’t enough, it’s also worth noting that clients aren’t always the easiest specimens to deal with.

Don’t get us wrong, we know that most graphic designers love their clients but from what we’ve heard (given the industry we’re in, we actually converse with a lot of designers on a regular basis), there’s always one client who ends up being the client from hell.

If there are any graphic designers reading this, you probably know the ones we mean; it’s those who say things like:

  • “Yeah, looks great, but just a couple of changes....”
  • “We need it to REALLY pop!”

*day ruined*

It’s not so much that these types of things are absolutely terrible (obviously, clients could do and say a lot worse!), they simply make it clear that the designer and client are on totally different wavelengths.

This isn’t a positive thing for the client or the graphic designer, as it makes designing a finished product both parties are happy with a very difficult task indeed.

With this in mind, we put together an infographic showing you (i.e. graphic designers) how to deal with common phrases spewed out by those nightmare clients.

(Disclaimer: As legit as they are, we can’t guarantee that these solutions will actually solve your problems...sorry!)

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